Monthly Archives: February 2011

Automatically Create Flowchart From Open Source

Skilled software developer always use open source in the programming project. But sometimes we are not sure of that whether the open source is suitable for the project. To solve this problem we need flowchart of the open source. The flowchart need to be fully expanded and shrunk, automatically generated and with no drawing skills. Continue reading

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Parental Control – Keep Your Kids Away From Danger

What we should do in Parental Control is to guide our children naturally. Parental control is focus on control, actually it is about parenting. Parental control is how to keep our children away from danger, even in the internet. Continue reading

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Code to FlowChart V1.2 Has Be Released!

AthTek Software is going to release the new version of Code to FlowChart. The new version will add many cool functions including to generate NS chart from source code. Continue reading

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