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Differences Between Real-Time Traffic Analysis And Packet Analysis in AthTek NetWalk

AthTek NetWalk supports both real-time and postmortem analysis. Do you know what are the differences? Most of time, real-time and postmortem analysis share the same template to analyze the traffic data. Real-time traffic analysis shows dynamic trends of the entire network, while postmortem traffic analysis shows exactly what has happened in this network. In this article, you will read the main differences between real-time traffic analysis and packet analysis in AthTek NetWalk. Continue reading

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How to Get a Lifetime License for Skype Voice Changer

Skype Voice Changer is an interesting program for pranking or other purpose. It can change the speaker’s voice in Skype call and send out funny sound emotions. Generally, buyers can get a lifetime license for Skype Voice Changer through 2 websites and 3 payment methods. If you want to get a free license for Skype Voice Changer, please read the last paragraph to find the answer. In this article, you will see all the validated ways to get a lifetime license for Skype Voice Changer. Continue reading

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How to Monitor and Analyze Real-time Network Traffic

Real-time network traffic monitoring and analysis are two core works to most enterprise network administrators. However, most administrators soon give up on network monitoring. This is because they find collecting network traffic complicated. Even if they manage to capture network conversations they find it challenging to analyze the raw data in a meaningful way. In this article, you will read how to monitor and analyze real-time network traffic by the great network monitoring software– AthTek NetWalk. If you have no idea about this software, please download and install the free personal edition for a quick view. Continue reading

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Make a Musical Accompaniment for a MIDI File

AthTek DigiBand can not only create music in MIDI format, but also make a melodious musical accompaniment for the MIDI file automatically. The program will recognize the rhythms in MIDI file and try to generate a melodious accompaniment to the MIDI file. Even you are new to AthTek DigiBand, you can generate a melodious accompaniment in a few minutes. In this article, you will read how to make a musical accompaniment easily for a MIDI file. Continue reading

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Webcam Surveillance Monitor v3 Has Been Released in Halloween

We have just released a new version of Webcam Surveillance Monitor in Halloween, which has many new features included. The new version runs a new registration system so that any old registration code is not allowed to register Webcam Surveillance Monitor v3.0. If you want to use the full version of Webcam Surveillance Monitor, please place a new order to it and you will get a new registration code instantly. If you want to monitor who it is getting close your house in Halloween, Webcam Surveillance Monitor will help you to perform a perfect counteroffensive! Continue reading

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What Are the Differences Among AthTek Voice Changers

There are 3 voice changers on AthTek website. They are Free Voice Changer, All-in-One Voice Changer and AthTek Voice Changer for Skype. Any of them can lower or higher your voice pitch while you are speaking. But do you know the differences among all these 3 voice changers? Tens of thousands people take Free Voice Changer as a free dubbing tool, and thousands people use Voice Changer for Skype for playing pranks on their friends. Each software is developed for particular people in voice changing. In this article, you will read what are the differences among AthTek Voice Changers. Continue reading

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Bundle Deal Special Offer for Game Players in Hot Summer

We have just released a new bundle deal special offer for video game players who are facing DirectX problems. Anyone who buys Reinstall DirectX EZ in August will get an additional registration code for AthTek Registry Cleaner as a gift. In this bundle deal special offer, you will get up to 60% price off from the original price. You buy a Reinstall DirectX EZ ($19.95), and you will get AthTek Registry Cleaner ($29.95) for free. This bundle deal special offer will expire on August 31. If you are facing DirectX problems or system errors, you will find the best solution in this bundle deal special offer. Continue reading

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Tutorial: How to Customize the Monitor Interface of AthTek NetWalk

When you open AthTek NetWalk, you will see the impressive graphic monitor interface which displays the current network traffic statistics. Some network administrators love AthTek NetWalk because of the graphic monitor interface. Do you know that you can customize the graphic monitor interface as you need? In the following post, you will read how to customize the graphic monitor interface easily. Continue reading

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SmartServ V1.0 has been released! Easily Setup a Local Testing Server

We finally released the free local testing server builder on June 1st, 2014. If you are a web application developer or a website author, SmartServ can provide a local testing server for testing your project. It is a free portable testing server builder program for Windows. No testing server building experience is required. You can just download and run it, then your project will be able to local at Continue reading

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A New Program Which Can Fast Setup Virtual Server Environment Will Be Released Soon

We are going to release a new network program named SmartServ. It will be available before June. SmartServ can setup virtual server environment on a computer easily and quickly. With it, you can test created web app or website locally on the computer. It can also help you to setup a virtual enterprise server environment easily. If you are looking for an easier solution to setup a testing server locally than XAMPP, SmartServ would be exactly the software you need. Continue reading

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