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AthTek Skype Recorder v7.1- Higher Audio Recording Quality

[PDF] March 12, 2017  |  Development Center of AthTek Software ———— AthTek Skype Recorder has been updated to v7.1. The new version doesn’t depend on Skype desktop APIs to work. Any of our users including free trial users, is welcome … Continue reading

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Skype Recorder for Mac Has Been Published

We have just released AthTek Skype Recorder for Mac. If you are using Skype on Mac, you can use AthTek Skype Recorder for Mac to record Skype calls now. We strongly recommend that you download it to your Mac and try it by yourself. Currently the application can only record audio in Skype calls. We will make it to be a full functional Skype call recording program, just like what we did on Windows. Continue reading

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AthTek Call Recorder for Skype v6.90

Latest version: AthTek Skype Recorder V7.1 [PDF] July 15, 2015  |  Development Center of AthTek Software ——— We have updated AthTek Call Recorder for Skype to version 6.90 with some new features included. The new version is available for downloading … Continue reading

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Solution to the Registration Issues of AthTek Skype Recorder

Although we have published an instruction about how to register AthTek Skype Recorder before, some of users still failed to register the license correctly. Most of time, the issue is a wrong license key generated by a wrong Skype ID or PC Code. But sometimes the issue is not so easy to be found. In this article, you will read the troubleshooting method for registration issues and the solutions. Continue reading

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$10 OFF to Buy a License for Skype Parental Control 1.0

The previous special offer for AthTek NetWalk Enterprise Edition has expired, and a new special offer for Skype Parental Control started in July. Anyone who buys a license for Skype Parental Control will save $10 from the official price now. … Continue reading

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How to Change My Voice from Male to Female in Skype Calls

Peter used to play pranks on his friends in Skype calls. He pretend to be a girl and talk to all his male friend in contact list of Skype. When his friend decide to date that “girl”, Peter will “happen” to be at the date place and make a good laugh at his friend. Why does Peter always succeed in Skype pranks? Peter uses Skype Voice Changer to change his voice from male to female in Skype calls. In this article, you will learn how Peter change his voice from male to female by Skype Voice Changer. Continue reading

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We Are Doing Customer Requirement Survey for the New Skype Recorder Versions

We are preparing a new version of AthTek Skype Recorder and it is hopeful to be available for downloading at the end of June, 2015. Recently we find some issues in using AthTek Skype Recorder. We will optimize the background … Continue reading

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Reinstall DirectX EZ 6.3

We have released a major update to Reinstall DirectX EZ on May 11, 2015. Reinstall DirectX EZ 6.2 has updated the core database of DirectX program and optimized the DirectX repair process for better user experience. All users including free trial ones are allowed to download and install this latest version for DirectX maintenance. If you are looking for a solution to DirectX problem in playing NFS Rivals and/or Battlefield, Continue reading

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Reasons for Choosing Skype Voice Changer

Software users can find 3 kinds of voice changer software and read the differences between these voice changer software at If you are looking for a voice changer for prank on Skype, Skype Voice Changer is exact the one we highly recommend. This is not only because Skype Voice Changer is developed particularly for Skype pranks, but also because Skype Voice Changer has the best compatibility and capacity. In this article, you will read the reasons for choosing Skype Voice Changer. Continue reading

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Differences Between Real-Time Traffic Analysis And Packet Analysis in AthTek NetWalk

AthTek NetWalk supports both real-time and postmortem analysis. Do you know what are the differences? Most of time, real-time and postmortem analysis share the same template to analyze the traffic data. Real-time traffic analysis shows dynamic trends of the entire network, while postmortem traffic analysis shows exactly what has happened in this network. In this article, you will read the main differences between real-time traffic analysis and packet analysis in AthTek NetWalk. Continue reading

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