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Deal with Blue Screen Problem

Recently, I am obsessed with a blue screen problem, which occurs every day. It has really brought me a lot of problems, for when I am writing articles, watching videos, or chatting with my friends, the screen turns to blue … Continue reading

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Rookies Can Rock Registry

As we all know, the registry plays an important role in the operating system, so when confronted with problems, rookies may boldly try to do something with it. But hold it! To modify the registry is not fun, and even … Continue reading

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What Can You Do If Your Kids Don’t Listen to You?

As children grow up, some parents suggest that children don’t listen to them at home. Even worse, some of the children finally have a rebellious mind against their parents in many things. In connection with this issue, I would like … Continue reading

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Leave A Burglar Alarm System At Home In Thanksgiving Day!

Today is Thanksgiving Day and we will have dinner with our family. That means we will leave our house for at least several hours. If a thief came to your house tonight, you will definitely suffer from a great loss of property. Now let me teach you how to get rid of loss when you are not at home. Continue reading

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New Special Offer Will Be Available In December

The monthly special offer for AthTek Skype Recorder Lite is going to expire in the end of November, and the new special offer is coming soon. We are planning to put two of our software products into December monthly special offer, Free Google Desktop Translator and Print Layout Designer. Continue reading

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Special Offer For Thanksgiving Day In 2011

We have just released a special offer for Thanksgiving Day. Anyone who order our software from now to November 30, he or she will get 20% OFF from the original prices! Continue reading

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How to Make You Special Programs Effective

Free Download PDF Version Of This Article Many parents have special programs to their children to cultivate their good habits or improve their ability during a certain period. It is more common when there is a holiday of more than … Continue reading

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Parental Control: How you child can be transparent to you?

The fact that many children are not inclined to tell their parents about the things they have done in school or outside home. Be aware that it is a dangerous sign that they are concealing things from you, which is … Continue reading

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How to Prevent Kids Spending Too Much Time and Energies Online

Free Download PDF Version of This Article The internet is full of charm for youngsters. Online games, chatting, relationships, and the abundance of information may lead the youngsters to spend more and more time online. However how can parents deal … Continue reading

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Great Tips on How to Protect Children from Addiction to Computer games

Lee was a student in Grade Two at a key senior high school in Wuhan. By chance, his parents found that he had no more interest in learning, and no long after that, he even ran away from home. Though … Continue reading

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