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May 20, 2011 Development Center of AthTek Software
AthTek Software is going to release a new software – AthTek RegsitryCleaner.

Do you have such experience: the reaction speed of you computer is slowing down day by day. According to a research of Windows users, 97.3% slow computers are caused by superfluous registry. But some of the users clean up the registry frequently, they still feel the system is getting slowly. Why? That was because most of us are using Windows 64-bit systems on our computers, and almost all the registry cleaners could hardly be able to clean and compact the registry of 64-bit systems, although they professed that they could.

We have focus this issue for years, and finally we get a solution to manage the registry of both 32-bit and 64-bit systems! We developed a new program to fix this problem and we succeeded to clean the registry of Windows 64-bit systems! Now AthTek RegsitryCleaner is under the launch test, it will be available in few days!

With AthTek RegsitryCleaner, anyone can fully scan, clean, repair, compact, backup and restore the registry of both 32-bit and 64-bit systems. It is very easy to use, and give you a more better user experiences than other registry cleaners or boosters. It use double engines to handle the registry, so that it is really fast on any processing!

Anyone who wants to get a free registration code of AthTek RegsitryCleaner, please forward this post to your blog, FaceBook or Twitter, then send the link of your post to After your link has been approved, we will send you a registration code for free! Please hurry, we only provide the free registration code till we finally release AthTek RegsitryCleaner!

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