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As a game lover, I’ve always been crazy about those fancy 3d games. Recently, I am very into a fantasy games and one game named Aion caught my attention last week. Very beautiful characters and amazing scenes and battles in their demo lured me to install the almost 10g client. It took me almost a night to finish downloading and when installation was done. I couldn’t wait but to hit the Start button. OH NO! An ugly message popped up saying “Error loading DLL XRenderD3D9.dll error code 998”……And I can’t even create my own character before the game kicked me out!!!!!! I was so sad and frustrated not be able to enter the game.

However, deep inside my heart, I told my self I must figure it out and play this. So I asked some friends who’re computer masters and the top one key word I got from their answers was DirectX. “Check our your DirectX, bro. I am sure that important dll file is missing in your DirectX. Go update and get a complete one.” One of my gaming friends suggested.

Never have I been so enthusiastic about the technical stuffs like the term DirectX. I started to Google the word and millions of results were found. Wow, it is the very DirectX that links the computer with games! Microsoft offers this API to support graphics, sound, music and network etc work well in the complex game programs. An incomplete or incompatible DirectX is probably the cause to game failures like black screen, client shutdown etc. No wonder so many people are troubled with similar problems like me! There are quite a many results like “I can’t load the game, I got some fatal DirectX error, who can help me out” too. Sometimes we’ll need to upgrade DirectX to meet higher requirements of certain games while in other cases games run better with relatively lower version DirectX. But the majority of game problems occur due to DirectX errors.

“Well, if it’s just that XRenderD3D9.dll that’s missing in my DirectX, what a big deal it is?!” I murmured to myself. “Hey, Mike, could you please check your system32 file and try find a file named XRenderD3D9.dll for me? I need it to open a game successfully.” I quickly typed this to my kind friend Mike on MSN. Quickly enough, the chatting windows popped and I accepted the file and copied it to my system32 file. “Thanks buddy.” I opened the game icon and was hoping to see me in the magical game world in no time. What the hell!? It was the same message I got before, and I got booted out of the client when the bar was halfway till full.

I wish I could just throw my computer out of the window. “How did it work?” Mike sent a message just to grab me back from fury and frustration. “Still I can’t enter the game……I feel so bad and I don’t know what else I can do….:(” I replied.  “Cheer up, buddy. I’ve had some similar problems before too and after some hard search on the net, I found an application called Reinstall DirectX. I checked and reinstalled my DirectX to its original version 9.0c and then I succeeded to enter the game. Do you want have a try with this tool? ” “Of course. Thanks a bunch. It won’t hurt having another try.” I got this software and it didn’t take long before it’s installed on my computer.

Then I opened this tool and carefully read the directions. “First, I gotta confirm my problem again.” Choosing the general tab, I read that my computer runs an XP system with 9.0c DirectX. After using the DirectX diag function, it turned out that that XRenderD3D9.dll was indeed missing in my DirectX databank. And strangely as it was, my previous action to copy Mike’s dll into my own system file didn’t help at all. So I better find another solution to fix this DirectX error.

Luckily, Reinstall DirectX has a function called Reinstall. But I need to repair my current DirectX first. Oh no, I really hate the idea of reinstalling my system…wow, I don’t need to reinstall my system here! So relieved to save hours of time needed for a system reinstallation, I followed the directions and found out my Windows XP system setup file. Can this really work? I was still a bit skeptical.  After putting the disk into my CD-R, I clicked Next and locate the “i386” directory in the system setup disk. I almost forgot to disable my network connection but luckily the instructions stressed didn’t just vanish from my memory. So I clicked the little network icon and close the net connection. I am always willing to spare some time off the net if it’s helpful to my computer performance.

So the software started to work, the progress bar ran smoothly and I just left the application running there to drink a cup of coffee. When I finished my coffee and returned, the DirectX file has already been extracted from the system disc. After reinstallation, my DirectX will be exactly the same as my original version.

Following the directions of the software, I reopened Reinstall DirectX and made sure my connection was still cut off. Choosing the reinstallation tab, I was certain that I had finished all the procedures required to take, including extracting the setup file of DirectX, restarting Reinstall DirectX and keeping the network disconnected. Inpatient as I was, I clicked Next button and the located the DXSETUP.exe file. This was exactly the file I extracted from system setup disc using the repair feature just now.

Now it’s time to use reinstall function! I couldn’t be more excited when I clicked the DXSETUP.exe. It’s just a few minutes before the whole DirectX rollback is complete. Then I checked the DirectX again using the DirectX diag feature. Perfect, there’s not a single dll missing and none problems are found too!

I opened the Aion game.exe as fast as I could and entered the game successfully! Everything seems so pretty in this game world. “Thank you so much for your suggestion, Mike.” I left a message on MSN to my dear friend. “My pleasure. It’s Reinstall DirectX’s credit actually, I am just a bridge to show it to you. J ”

Sure, it is. I can’t solve this problem without this helpful. Thank you, Reinstall DirectX for being a remedy to my DirectX and fulfilling my dream to play the fantastic game!

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