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Wrote by Reinstall DirectX EZ User:

I’m a game fan, a game fan with the nightmare that the frustrating DirectX error messages pop up from time to time. However, even if I solve it by using the traditional way of reinstalling the whole system, this kind of experience has really worn me down. In this summer holiday, I have decided to keep off any DirectX problem, so before I geared up, I took care of every relevant part of the game: a strong sound card, graphic card, CPU and network, and the most important a suitable DirectX.

It is comforting that none of previous problems aroused at first, thanks to which, I enjoyed my summer holiday with these fantastic games. In addition, I even pictured a flawless summer holiday of the all cold air-conditioned room and amazing games with incredible pictures and stories. Nevertheless, it proved to be a beautiful dream bubble that blew up so rapidly. To run a game that I have downloaded recently, I was reminded that I should update my DirectX version to 9.0c, but after I did as it said, the nightmare began at once.
After I checked my DirectX, I found that it was already DirectX 9.0c, but the game constantly reminded me to upgrade to DirectX 9.0c. No matter how many times I reinstall it, it turned out in vain. Following one of my friends’ advice, I used a uninstall tool to reset it to DirectX 8.1. Then I tried to upgrade it, but I failed all the times: I installed DirectX 9.0c for many times, but when I checked it with DXDIAG, it is still DirectX 8.1. Those trials really drove me crazy and seemed to have the potential danger to ruin my whole summer holiday. Instead of feeling at loss with this kind of error, I took initiative to cope with the problem by studying something about the chief culprit, DirectX, which I ignored so far.

DirectX is an extension to handle multimedia tasks in Windows platforms. With the collection of graphics, sound, input and network support, bigger applications, especially games, can run smoothly on Windows. But, for DirectX, windows itself doesn’t provide a favorable management approach, so many gamers will be at sea when they are confronted with DirectX problems. Now the internet provides solutions which can generally be divided to two groups: one is the traditional way of reinstalling the whole system, the other is using DirectX management tools to help gamers solve problems. For me, who didn’t want to get myself a bunch of troubles, certainly the later was my preferred choice.

As I compared many solutions on the internet, I found that many DirectX tools that claimed to have the ability to solve the DirectX were fake ones, for the solution they provided was to uninstall your DirectX and then reinstall it. Therefore, some relatively minor problems like the loss of DirectX files could not be detected and repaired accordingly. Finally, I found a tool —Reinstall DirectX EZ, which gave common users a wide range of DirectX management approaches including diagnose, backup, restore, repair and reinstall. I read those comments from those who had tried it and decided to have a shot. Expectantly, the results turned out to be very desirable and the same directs problem never come up again.

After the little glitch, finally I can enjoy my summer with fantastic 3D game. Now here, I just want to offer a piece of kind advice that to be an easy gamer, you need really to have a perfect DirectX tool to help your DirectX management.

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