WebAPP Kit V2.2 Has Been Released!

August 02, 2012  |  Development Center of AthTek Software
We have already release a new version of AthTek WebAPP Kit, which has many new features included. With the new AthTek WebAPP Kit, you can easily setup a web application from C/C++/Delphi project.

Download WebAPP Kit V2.2 Free Edition Now!

RIA Builder - Web Application Kit

What’s New?
* totally free for small web application project (less than 6 project files);
This is the most major update. AthTek WebAPP Kit costs $995 before if you want to have the full version. Now it is free to most of the web application development needs. If your application includes no more than five attachments (including database), AthTek WebAPP Kit is totally free to you!

* supports C builder/VC++/Delphi program to web application;
The previous version only supports to convert delphi projects to web applications. Since WebAPP Kit V2.2, it supports C/C++/Delphi projects to web applications. This means you can generate a rich internet application (RIA) directly by C/C++/Delphi.

* supports to add database to web applications;
The previous version only supports a single project file to web application. You cannot add database or other attachments to your project. Now you are allowed to add multiple attachments as well as databases to your project and generate a rich internet application which includes those attachments online.

* add many assistant tools for web application development;
The new AthTek WebAPP Kit add some useful tools for your web application development. WXOConfig is used for attaching the necessary files to the web application. WXOConvert is used for converting the project as well as the attachments to web application. WXODebug is used for troubleshooting the bugs of the web application.

* greatly improve the web application loading speed on browser side.
The new AthTek WebAPP Kit greatly improve the loading speed of web application. It will save about 3/4 of loading time each time you open the application online. Some necessary files will be saved to cookie’s folder of the browser and thus to save the loading time.

How to create a web application from C/C++/Delphi project?

Read the PDF version of this press released for free.

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