IP – MAC Scanner — a small but powerful tool




It is a small tool,but it’s functions are incredible powerful!—-From users.


IP – MAC Scanner 2.05 the new version has been released, it is designed for both business and private use when you need to monitor and manage your IP and MAC.
AthTek IP – MAC Scanner can help you efficiently. Maybe you are a network administrator in your company. You need to make sure every IP is working normally and sometimes you are annoyed with a large amount of IP and you are afraid that illegal users may be connected to your LAN. Maybe you are a common LAN user and you want to scan IP on LAN to find others or just want to send message to anther computer on LAN. You have no need to buy some full sniffing tools integration like AthTek Netwalk .AthTek IP – MAC Scanner can help you solve all these problems. It can fast scan LAN IP and display all the connected MAC of computers. Also it enables you to wake up, shut down and send messages to another computer on LAN. With all these incredible functions, IP – MAC Scanner only costs 21$(50% discount now).What are you waiting for? Buy it now!

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