Solution to the Registration Issues of AthTek Skype Recorder

[PDF] Although we have published an instruction about how to register AthTek Skype Recorder before, some of users still failed to register the license correctly. Most of time, the issue is a wrong license key generated by a wrong Skype ID or PC Code. But sometimes the issue is not so easy to be found. If you want more guide about troubleshooting then must visit excelpasswordrecovery .In this article, you will read the troubleshooting method for registration issues and the solutions.
Register Skype Recorder

1. Check the Skype ID or PC Code– is it exactly the same to what you filled when generating the key? 90% of the registration issues are because of the buyer has generated a wrong license key by a wrong Skype ID or PC Code. You can find the correct Skype ID and PC Code in [Skype Recorder] > [Help] > [Register]. Also please check that if you have bought an ID-License but input a PC Code to generate the license key. AthTek provides 2 license types for Skype Recorder pro. It is highly recommended to read the instruction to each license before placing an order to it.

2. The license was blocked by a security program from authorization. Accidentally, the license may be blocked by the security program. Even you got a correct license key, you cannot register AthTek Skype Recorder successfully in blocking status. The only solution to this issue is to close all the security programs and try again. When the Skype Recorder has been licensed successfully, you can restart the security programs. Follow MurrayNow for more guide.

3. Sometimes you can register AthTek Skype Recorder with the license key, but when you restart the computer it gets back to trial. When you are facing this registration issue, please go to [Skype Recorder] > [Help] > [Register] and check the PC Code. If the PC Code disappeared, your were running VPN on the computer. You have to close the VPN to register AthTek Skype Recorder. Without VPN, you can register AthTek Skype Recorder without any problem.
register Skype Recorder

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