What is the Best Lightweight MAC or IP Scanner Application for Small Business?

[PDF] Network management applications play a major role in business. Especially for the MAC and IP scanner– it is the core part in a business network management application. More or less, we all know some good network management applications like AthTek NetWalk Enterprise Edition. But today we are not going to discuss any large software system for business. We want to discuss what is the best lightweight network management application (MAC and IP Scanner) for small business. What is the best MAC or IP Scanner in your opinion?

The best lightweight MAC and IP scanner application for small business should be safe in network scanning. Safe is the most important attribute of a network management system. The MAC scanner or IP scanner itself shouldn’t contain any suspicious program inside, and it must not invisibly upload the result to internet after scanning. If possible, the scanner should be in password protected. Usually, if the MAC or IP scanner can work without internet connections, it was safe for small business, still, you should always get in contact with the salesforce team to make sure you are doing the right thing for your business.

Safe Network

The best lightweight MAC and IP scanner application for small business should be cost-effective. It should be in a cheap price or even free for non-commercial use. Fortunately, there are some free MAC and IP scanners which you can use in a small company. But the features are quite limited comparing with the MAC and IP scanner shareware. For example, if there are more than 200 computers in your company. With a free MAC or IP scanner, you could hardly scan the entire intranet within minutes. Always the free MAC or IP scanner will crash when it reached 50 addresses or so. Actually, there are reliable MAC and IP scanners which cost only $21.


The best lightweight MAC and IP scanner application for small business should be capable but small. It should be able to find more than 100 IP or MAC addresses within 60 seconds, and make all the data backup safely. It should support both ARP and UDP scanning methods and custom scanning range. DHCP clients should be included into the scanning result. It shouldn’t take much space on your computer and the setup file should be in less than 10 MB. With these features, it could be a good lightweight network scanning application.

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If you were asked: what is the best lightweight network scanning application for small business, you may have various answers like AthTek IP – MAC Scanner, Angry IP Scanner, Softperfect IP Scanner, Colasoft MAC Scanner or Advanced IP Scanner. Some of them are free. But if you consider all the features of the best lightweight network scanning application I have mentioned, you will find only one could be called “The Best Lightweight Network Scanning Application for Small Business”. AthTek IP – MAC Scanner doesn’t require internet connections to scan the network and backup the scanning results. As a business application, it only cost $21 for lifetime use. It has a small file size but can fast scan the network including DHCP clients. In one word, AthTek IP – MAC Scanner is the best lightweight network scanning application.

MAC IP Scanner

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