Special Offer: 51% OFF for IP – MAC Scanner

We have released a new special offer for network administrators in enterprises. Anyone who buy IP – MAC Scanner will save up to 51% of the total price $43. The discounted price will be automatically calculated into your payment. If you are looking for a convenient tool for IP addresses or MAC addresses scanning, this is a good network tool we highly recommend!

51% OFF– Buy IP – MAC Scanner Now


Every PC has what is known as a MAC address which is a unique identifier. That is, all PCs that have a network card installed, as it is the network card that carries the unique MAC address. AthTek IP – MAC Scanner can locate the Mac addresses and IP addresses for PCs that are connected to a network. They can also determine the host name, network workgroup and the type of adapter cards of each connected device. There are also remote control functions that can send messages to another PC within the same network, wake the network up or send a shutdown command. Network logs can be emailed out to an admin email address of the users’ choosing.

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