Half Price to Get The Full Version of WebAPP Kit in 2014

April is coming and we launch a new special offer for AthTek WebAPP Kit. Anyone who buys AthTek WebAPP Kit will save up to $1,000 each license. We highly value our FaceBook pages. If the buyer can add a “like” to AthTek Software and leave a comment to WebAPP Kit on his FaceBook, we will provide an additional $96 for thanks to the contribution. The 50% off discount will be automatically added to any new order for AthTek WebAPP Kit. If you want to get the additional discount, please like AthTek Software and leave a short comment to WebAPP Kit on your FaceBook, then you will get the discount link via FaceBook message.

Buy WebAPP Kit Now with Half Price

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AthTek WebAPP Kit is an intelligent RIA builder for software developers. It can generates both desktop app and web app by a project at the same time. This means, a software developer can create web based application directly by C, VC++ or Delphi programming language. It supports most VCL components, OpenGL and SQL database.AthTek WebAPP Kit is free for non-profit use. The created web app is compatible with all kinds of browsers  for Windows.

BTW, the previous special offer for Flowchart to Code is still available. You can get a full version of AthTek Flowchart to Code Converter at $80 Off price.

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