A New Program Which Can Fast Setup Virtual Server Environment Will Be Released Soon

We are going to release a new network program named SmartServ. It will be available before June. SmartServ can setup virtual server environment on a computer easily and quickly. With it, you can test created web app or website locally on the computer. It can also help you to setup a virtual enterprise server environment easily. If you are looking for an easier solution to setup a testing server locally than XAMPP, SmartServ would be exactly the software you need.

Setup Testing Server

Actually, SmartServ is part of WebXone. WebXone is an advanced RIA builder which can create web applications directly by VC/VB/Delphi/C++Builder/PowerBuilder. When a web application was created by WebXone, you can use SmartServ to setup a testing server to test it locally. SmartServ enables user to change port. It uses to load files to a web browser easily.

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