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At Least $398 OFF– Bundle Deal for Software Developers in 2014

We have started a new bundle deal for all software developers. If you buy a license for WebXone in 2014, we will give you additional 2 licenses for Code to FlowChart Converter and Flowchart to Code Converter for free. This means you will save at least $398 in the bundle deal! You will get 3 valuable licenses in the order to WebXone. Further than that, if you bought the Enterprise License for WebXone, you will get a team license for Code to FlowChart and a license for Flowchart to Code. In this bundle deal, you will save up to $698 in total! Continue reading

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A New Program Which Can Fast Setup Virtual Server Environment Will Be Released Soon

We are going to release a new network program named SmartServ. It will be available before June. SmartServ can setup virtual server environment on a computer easily and quickly. With it, you can test created web app or website locally on the computer. It can also help you to setup a virtual enterprise server environment easily. If you are looking for an easier solution to setup a testing server locally than XAMPP, SmartServ would be exactly the software you need. Continue reading

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