SmartServ V1.0 has been released! Easily Setup a Local Testing Server

June 1st, 2014  |  Development Center of AthTeik Software
We finally released the free local testing server builder on June 1st, 2014. If you are a web application developer or a website author, SmartServ can provide a local testing server for testing your project. It is a free portable testing server builder program for Windows. No testing server building experience is required. You can just download and run it, then your project will be able to local at Actually, SmartServ is a subprogram of WebXone. You can find exactly the same program in folder WWW of AthTek WebXone.

Download SmartServ V1.0 Now


AthTek SmartServ is a free portable testing server builder for web application developer or website author. It can easily setup a local testing server to test the create web applications or websites. It should be the easiest testing server builder in the world because it has setup a local testing server once you run it on your desktop. You can just change the port as you need, and load your project to browser with address If you are looking for a free testing server builder, AthTek SmartServ is exactly the one we highly recommend!

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