Code to Flowchart Is Going To Update

We are preparing to release a new version of Code to Flowchart Converter in the next week. It will support to convert *.dsp file to flowchart. As you maybe know, Code to Flowchart supports programming projects by C/C++/Delphi/Pascal.  Mr.Blonskey suggested us to enhance the compatibility with Visual C++ files and made it  be able to import *.dsp files. We did it and maybe we can release a new version for this feature.

Open Source Code to FlowChartThere also many users suggested that Code to FlowChart Converter should be compatible with MS Visio 2010. We will consider this function too and will include this feature in the following updates. If you have any question or suggestion about AthTek Code to FlowChart Converter, please feel free to contact us. Your opinion is the most valuable thing to us and you will see the improvement on Code to FlowChart by your ideas.

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