Make your own Network Monitor Overview By using AthTek NetWalk!

As the best Network Monitor tool, AthTek Netwalk will not only provide you the best Network Monitor service but also give you the freedom to design your own special user Interface.

The real-time Network monitoring and analyzing graphical charts are part of the excellent features. These series of charts are rather powerful. It can show real-time collection of data the network adapter accessing and analyze the data at the same time. At meanwhile you can choose the charts you need and adjust the overview Interface.

Flowing next several steps you can make the personalized Monitor tool:

  • Firstly, download and Install AthTek Netwalk Enterprise Edition which is15 days free from here.
  • Secondly, launch and set the software including connection and adapter.
  • adapter
  • Thirdly, click the button named “add” at the top right of the screen.
  • add
  • And then you can choose the kind and position of the chart you want. AthTek Netwalk Now Enterprise Edition provides charts including Monitor dashboard, Monitor Packet Trend, Monitor Utilization Trend, Monitor Event Trend, Top IP Hosts, Top Mac Hosts, Layered Summary and Graph.
  • charts
  • At last, you can delete Minimize and restore of these charts by clicking the drop-down menu or reset all of these by the button named “reset” at the top right of the screen.


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