Solve DirectX Problem on Win8 – DirectX Toolkit Introduction

Windows 8 has been released and you maybe have already installed this new operating system to your computer. If you have ever tried Windows 8 yourself, you would probably know that it has integrated DirectX 11.1 to improve the new UI. Do you like the new UI?

Win8Actually, Microsoft has its own regular pattern of products, and you can find Windows8 is still under this regular pattern. Every time when Microsoft releases a new product, welcome and not welcome will alternate each time. Windows8 absolutely meets this regular pattern and unfortunately it’s Not Welcome this time.

Products of Microsoft Popularity
Windows95 Not Welcome
Windows98 Welcome
Windows2000 Not Welcome
Windows XP Welcome
WindowsVista Not Welcome
Windows7 Welcome
Windows8 Not Welcome

Each time Microsoft released a not welcomed product, many PC gamer would have to reinstall DirectX or even degrade DirectX to run the most played games. This was because the games were still not compatible with the new Windows OS. In this condition, PC gamer will need a DirectX Toolkit which can solve DirectX problems easily on your new system. This DirectX Toolkit should be Reinstall DirectX EZ from AthTek Software.

Traditional ways to solve DirectX problems need to reinstall the entire OS, and this will definitely waste of time. Maybe you will say that there was no need to reintall the entire OS because you can solve DirectX problem directly by reinstalling DirectX on your PC. Well, you must haven’t met a fatal DirectX error! DirectX is not a simple program which can be easily install/uninstall from the system.

Once you are in trouble of DirectX problem, you can easily solve DirectX problem within 2 steps. First of all, you can try to reinstall DirectX directly with the setup package which Microsoft has provided on their official website. If it doesn’t work, you can download and try the DirectX Toolkit from AthTek Software. After you have used Reinstall DirectX EZ, all the DirectX problems will be solved completely!

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