AthTek NetWalk Has Been Included Into Directory of SLAC as a Quality Network Monitoring Tool 2013

[PDF] SLAC (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center) has included AthTek NetWalk to its web directory as a quality network monitoring tool in 2013. You can view it at NMTF Tools SLAC. Thanks to Les Cottrell who found and got AthTek NetWalk included into the directory. NMTF is a great place for network administrators who want to know the most quality network monitoring tools in the world, and we at AthTek will highly recommend.

network monitoring toolsIf you are a network administrator of a large company, you should probably know AthTek NetWalk. It is one of the most great network monitoring tools in the world. In 2011, AthTek NetWalk was awarded as The Best Windows Application of Year 2011 with its excellent graphic interface and packet sniffing features. 2 years later, AthTek NetWalk has been included into SLAC’s Network Monitoring Tools directory. This means AthTek NetWalk is recommended by website editors, famous institutes, great financial organizations and definitely our customers. If you are looking for a quality packet sniffer and analyzer, AthTek NetWalk would be the best choice for you work!

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