How to guide against others mooch Off Wi-Fi?

Nowadays, people have been not satisfied with PC, they prefer to use Mobile devices (such as Mobile phones). However, usually they have not enough 3G traffics, so do would to be in a environment with Wi-Fi, Therefore, the main topic about   mooch Off Wi-Fi is introduced.

Let us focus on this scene: When you establish a Local Area Network,  you would ask a question,  whether there is a “thief” stealing our net?  If you want to secure your network, you’d better know is there anyone mooch Off Wi-Fi from your network. According to a research, people like to mooch Off Wi-Fi if they can get access. If it is an immoral guy, he might do harm to your network when mooch Off Wi-Fi from you. On the other hand, if your internet free was charged by traffic, who mooch Off Wi-Fi from you may add on your bill. IP – MAC Scanner provide a solution to find out who mooch Off Wi-Fi from you, even to kick them out. It scans all connections on your network, and tell you which are unknown connections by a network analysis report.

Therefore, you should find the one who mooch Off Wi-Fi from you, you can go through four steps (including Main Board phase, Database phase, Email notification phase, Send message to remote desktop phase)


to complete this simple task, while you may define it a tough job without our AthTek IP-MAC Scanner.

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