How to Change My Voice from Male to Female in Skype Calls

[PDF] Save your PDF files directly by all you need is Soda! Peter used to play pranks on his friends in Skype calls. He pretends to be a girl and talk to all his male friend in contact list of Skype. When his friends decide to date that “girl”, Peter will “happen” to be at the date place and make a good laugh at his friend. Why does Peter always succeed in Skype pranks? Peter uses Skype Voice Changer to change his voice from male to female in Skype calls. In this article, you will learn how Peter changes his voice from male to female by Skype Voice Changer.

First of all, Peter will sign up a new Skype account for prank. Obviously, if Peter uses his primary Skype account for prank, he will be busted in seconds.
busted cat

Secondly, Peter will license his Skype Voice Changer. If Peter buys an ID-License, he needs to generate the license key by the new Skype account ID. If Peter buys a PC-License, his license will be associated to the computer.
Register Skype Voice Changer

After that, Peter starts to find a suitable voice pitch for prank in Skype Voice Changer. At the beginning Peter clicked on CAT to test the voice, but found it was too high to sound like a girl. Then he clicks on the Lower button and test the voice again and again. Finally Peter gets a suitable voice for prank.
Voice Changer for Skype

Peter goes to the Record Setting Tab and turn off the auto notification. If he didn’t turn off auto notification, program would automatically send out a message to his friend to acknowledge this prank call after hung up. Then Peter adds some male friends on his new Skype account and imitates a girl in Skype call. When he is using Skype Voice Changer, Peter sounds like a real girl.

Now you have learnt how Peter changed his voice from male to female by Skype Voice Changer. Quite easy, isn’t it?

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