Rookies Can Rock Registry

As we all know, the registry plays an important role in the operating system, so when confronted with problems, rookies may boldly try to do something with it. But hold it! To modify the registry is not fun, and even a small error can make your whole system break down. It is true, as I nearly screwed it up recently, but after consulting some computer experts and groping by myself, I come to think that even rookies can rock registry by following the right steps. Here, I want to share them with rookies like me.

First, a folder named “Knacks for Registry” (You can decide its name by yourself.) should be created outside the system partition. It should be mentioned that the folder has to be created in any other partition but the system partition for fear that it might be deleted when the system is reinstalled.

Second, open the Registry Editor and find the item you want to modify. For example, if you want to delete the item “logoff” in the Start Menu, you may open the key “HKEY-CURRENT-USER/Software/Microsoft Windows/Current/Version/Policies/Explorer”.

Third, don’t hurry to modify it immediately, but backup the branch at first. Right-Click the item and click “Export”. When a dialog appears, you can find the folder we have named “Knacks for Registry”, and enter the name as “Delete the Logoff(Recovery)” , then click “Save”. In this way, it can be used to restore the original composition of the registry once the modification fails.

Forth, modify the item. Right-click on the blank of the right window, then select “New/ Binary value”, and then change the name of “New value #1″ into “Nologoff”. Then double-click it and change its value into “1”.

Fifth, click “Explorer” in the left window and follow the step 3 to backup the modified branch, named “Delete the Logoff (Modified)”.

Now, the work is done. Every time you want to delete the logoff, just open the folder “Knacks for Registry” and click “Delete the Logoff (Modified)”, and the dialog will appear to ask if you want to add the information into the registry. Click “Yes”; and it’s almost the same when you want to restore the logoff. You should pay attention to the fact that some items can come to effect at once, but some other items will come to effect after you restart your computer.

By the same means, you can modify a lot of items in the registry, such as restore the hidden hard disk, restore the default page of the browser, and change the name of the recycle bin. Keep in mind that you should have a backup every time you modify something.

Certainly, if you don’t want to do it by yourself, you can install some software like Registrycleaner to optimize your registry. Which will be more convenient, but in that case you cannot enjoy the pleasure of DIY.

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    Cleaning your computer registry is one of the fastest ways to boost speed and overall reliability of your computer. Over time, installing programs and downloading stuff causes extra junk to build up in your computers registry.

    Think of it like a car with engine oil. It needs to be changed from time to time.

    A regedit cleaner is software that can do it for you automatically in just minutes.

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