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Recently, I am obsessed with a blue screen problem, which occurs every day. It has really brought me a lot of problems, for when I am writing articles, watching videos, or chatting with my friends, the screen turns to blue without any prediction. In result, none of important data have ever been saved. My friends, after hearing my tragedy, have offered a lot of solutions for me, and I have tried registry

First, apart from blue screen problem, you have also been confronted with computer nightmares such as slow startup and even system crash. It may be too difficult for you to exclude one problem after another, so there is a quick solution for you. If you can remember when your computer started to come up with problems, you can easily restore it to the time before it. Nowadays, they are a lot of handy recovery software which can constantly bank up your data and software motion. With the recovery tool, you can recover your system to the previous status whenever the problems arise. This is the way I solve the problem previously.

Another way to kick its ass is to check out your registry. Normally to daily user of computer, registry is something mysterious and too hard to manage. It was warned that any inappropriate change may cause problems to the whole system. However, most common problems, like blue screen, slow startup are resulted from registry errors. Following my friends’ advice, I install a registry cleaner. All I did first was click the “scan”, only to find that there are a total of 3328 problems. Stunned by the huge number, I cleaned them up with special care. And after that, the blue screen problem never occurs to me again. It was until then that I got to know how important it is to clean the registry routinely. To the rookies like us, I think we shouldn’t avoid this kind of problems due to fear, but boldly face it and find out the ways to solve the problem.

Best Registry Cleaner

These two suggestions are shared on the basis of my own computer management experience. For those who only want to use the computer as a tool but not a barrier to get information, they should have a try. So even though you are not an expert, try it now. Not wait it to be too late for you to take action.

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  1. Tom the Regedit Cleaner Guy

    Cleaning your computer registry is one of the fastest ways to boost speed and overall reliability of your computer. Over time, installing programs and downloading stuff causes extra junk to build up in your computers registry.

    Think of it like a car with engine oil. It needs to be changed from time to time.

    A regedit cleaner is software that can do it for you automatically in just minutes.

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