Play New Tricks on Your Friends on Halloween to Get a Good Laugh

[PDF] Halloween is not only for treats, it’s for tricks too. Want to prank someone or create a good scare? Bored with those traditional pranks which you did every year? We’ve got a new Halloween trick that is sure to get a surprised reaction. Funny or not, It’s important to focus on pranks that are not destructive to anyone’s property or well-being — it’s just not cool. So here’s to some harmless fun! By the way, don’t miss out to capture every happy moment during this prank. Photos are great for remembering happy memories. Speaking of photos, if you have a collection of valuable photos from your Instagram, Facebook, and any special events. The best way to preserve and personalized them is by photo book. PrintedMemories can do that for you with just a simple three-step process.

Step.1 Create a new Skype account.
Of cause you can use the one you always used, but your friends will know who you are and realize that it is a Halloween trick! So I will recommend you to create a new Skype account and add your friends to the contact list. You’d better choose an unearthly name for this account such as “ghostinfrontofyourcam”, “ilikeeatbrain”, etc.
Create a new Skype account

Step.2 install Skype Voice Changer and choose a terrible voice you want to use.
You need to use Skype Voice Changer in this new Halloween trick. Please download it from our official website and register it with a lifetime license. When the program has been installed to your computer, you can test and choose the voice pitch you want to use. Click on Test button and speak to microphone, your voice will be recorded as a temporary audio clip in the program. You can listen to what you have spoken and find the most terrible voice effect you’ve ever made.
Voice Changer for Skype

Step.3 play this new trick on your friends on Halloween to get a good laugh!
OK, everything is ready to play this new Halloween trick. Call your friend one by one and simulate you are a “Skype ghost”. Please hold back the laughter and enjoy the reaction of your friends! You can record the funny Skype conversations with Skype Voice Changer and share the recordings with your friends after Halloween. At least it will be a sweet memory between you and your friends. View more details in Prank Call on Skype.
Halloween trick on PC

BTW, if you have ever installed Video Surveillance Monitor to your computer, you can make your webcam monitors the porch. Once someone came to your house to scare you on Halloween, you will be able to see that guy before he/she knocks the door.

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