Maybe the Final Chance For Windows Phone 6.0&6.5 Users – Special Offer For October

The monthly promotion of Code to FlowChart Converter is going to the end in next week, and a new monthly promotion for AthTek Voice Recorder Windows Phone Edition will be available in October, 2011, with unbelievable low price.

Record and repeat voice on Windows Phone 6.0/6.5We have discussed for weeks that which software we should put into the October promotion program. And then a short message came to us from Twitter, that Microsoft has released its new Windows Phone System v7.5. We finally decided to choose AthTek Voice Recorder Windows Phone Edition for October promotion program.

The market of smartphone is so hot that the participants upgrade their system continually. The iphone and android rapidly occupied market in the past few years, while Sybian, backberry, as well as Windows Phone dropped down in smartphone market. Well, we only have a small application for Windows Phone 6.0/6.5, so maybe it is the last change that we can do something for the Windows Phone users.

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