How to Make You Special Programs Effective

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Many parents have special programs to their children to cultivate their good habits or improve their ability during a certain period. It is more common when there is a holiday of more than ten days, if made use of effectively, which could benefit the children a lot, and even make a brand-new appearance of them. The alternatives are of a great variety, including practicing oral language, reading several literature works, writing several book reports, picking up the play of a new instrument, and etc. However, will these special programs really achieve favorable effect at the end of the period? If not, how can we ameliorate the system? I have several important tips for you.

First and foremost, remember this: do what you children do. To elaborate on it, parents who just send out the task and leave their children alone can never be called wise as children may grow tired and annoyed when they do their tasks alone day after day. The greatest help from parents seems indispensable at the time, and it is the best that they accompany their children if it is possible. I would like to cite my own experience. When my child was still in primary school, I used to spend a whole summer holiday together with him. His task was that every day he must read literature works for eight hours. You may think it’s too demanding for a child. But just keep the significant tip I just give you: you can accompany him when he undergoes it. If you just leave him alone, he would never concentrate on it and would possibly bargain about it. Therefore, what you need to do is just do the same thing as him. Then you can argue that you two are studying together and you can make it clear that the reading is beneficial to him as well as to you. Certainly, you can have breaks and share your opinions. And on the other hand, the common experience can serve as a special connection between you, which help you two communicate effectively. That would be a quality parental control.

Another important tip is to make your “studying contract” with your children. It is wise to list all items that are included in your special program. As far as I am concerned, there are major three parts: the daily schedule, the dos and don’ts, and the awards and punishments. Certainly, you can add your personalized items, such as the online time limits and some leisure activities. What is good to establish a contract is that the children have no ground to bargain with you about their tasks when you can point out the specific clauses and proclaim that they “outlaw”. One quick tip: make the contract as binding as possible. Many solutions can be adopted to do so. You can print it out in papers with the signature of your two, and the third person (usually the father) can be appointed as a witness. The more emphasis you have put on the contract, the more binding it will be.

Now, you may get some new inspirations about how to get your children fully involved in your special program. You can just try it and the outcome can never be too satisfactory. If you haven’t ever planned such programs, give it a shot and wait to be amazed by your own masterpiece.

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