Get Prepared for April Fools’ Day

[PDF] April Fools’ Day is coming soon. Have you got prepared for pranks? In April Fools’ Day, your friends will definitely play pranks on you and if you can’t see through those tricks in time, you will be ridiculed to the bottom. In April Fools’ Day, you should be careful of the people around you. Anyone of them could be the pranker who plays tricks on you. But if you still be fooled like a duck when you were enough alertness, that would be a great prank for April Fools’ Day.
April Fools Day

Besides being alert with pranks, you should also prepare some pranks which can be played on your family, friends or colleagues. Following are some nice computer pranks you can play.

1. Capture a whole desktop screenshot on his/her computer and set it as wallpaper. Also you need to delete all the icons on his/her desktop including the Recycle Bin, and hide the taskbar deeply. When he/she came back to use the computer, he/she will find nothing is clickable. Even he/she rebooted the computer, nothing changed!

2. Right click on his/her desktop and choose “Personalize”. Access Sounds in bottom line to change all Windows sounds to a customized “fart” sound. (download Fart sound for free) When he/she came back to use the computer, any activity on the computer will make a fart sound loudly!

3. Install AthTek Voice Changer for Skype to his/her computer and drag the scroller to rightmost digit. Hide the program’s icon to taskbar. When he/she started a Skype call, his/her voice on the other side will sound like a little pussy. LOL

BTW, you can now apply for a free license for AthTek Voice Changer for Skype. Please read how to apply for a free license to get one!

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