Reinstall DirectX EZ v5.35 Has Been Released!

September 6, 2011    Development Center of AthTek Software
Reinstall DirectX EZ has been updated to v5.35, with ‘Uninstall’ tab included in dash board.

Reinstall DirectXWe have received many feedback said that “why Reinstall DirectX EZ cannot completely uninstall DirectX from my computer?”. Thanks for advice and we have add the Uninstall tab to Reinstall DirectX EZ v5.35. As you know, most of games need to use DirectX to run. If you have uninstalled DirectX from the computer, no one could play games on it, and it is meaningful to parental control. If you want to limit your kids playing games, you can just uninstall DirectX from their computer, then they were not able to play games any more.

3D games

In the start screen of Reinstall DirectX EZ, you can see many DirectX related tabs including DXdiag, Repair DirectX error, Reinstall DirectX, Uninstall DirectX, DirectX backup and Restore. With these tabs, you can fully control DirectX by one hand. Any DirectX problem or issue can find a direct solution in Reinstall DirectX EZ. Now let us view some of the main functions of it:
Reinstall DirectX EZ
* DXdiag – DirectX diagnose will help you to fast know whether the DirectX in your system is under healthy condition. DXdiag is the first step to repair DirectX errors, and we recommend that DXdiag at least one time per month.
* Repair tab – this tab is set to fix DirectX errors. If you happened to ‘fatal DirectX error: code x’ notice, follow the instructions to remove all fatal DirectX errors from your system.
* Reinstall tab – sometimes you need to reinstall DirectX or DirectX updates to your machine, simply go to Reinstall tab and you can fully control DirectX as you wish. Reinstall DirectX EZ was named by this function.
* Uninstall tab – Reinstall DirectX EZ can help you completely remove DirectX form your system. Sometimes you try to limit your kids playing games, and DirectX uninstall is the ultimate solution to ban the games. Any 3D game cannot run without DirectX files.
* Backup & Restore – the most requisite tool for game geeker and players who have no idea about DirectX. Once backup, take effect all the time.

Reinstall DirectX EZ
is not a freeware, and we have made some limitations in it. If you want to use the full version of Reinstall DirectX EZ, please register it.

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