Free Google Desktop Translator v2.1.88 Has Been Released!

March 21, 2012  |  Development Center of AthTek Software
We have just released a new version of Free Google Desktop Translator, with new language pack included. Google has changed its API of online google translate, and we have to follow this changing to make sure the practical applicability of our Free Google Desktop Translator.

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Free Google Desktop Translator

What’s New:

1. Include Slovak language interface;
As you maybe know, Free Google Desktop Translator is trying to include more languages into its GUI. It is a non-profit campaign and Francis has taken his chance this time. Thanks to Francis, he helped us to translate Free Google Desktop Translator to Slovak language GUI. We are looking forward to other languages such as German, French, Italian, etc. If you can help us to translate the free desktop tool to other languages, please feel free to contact us. It’s quite easy (only less than 200 translating items) and you will be proud of your translations!
Free Desktop Translator

2. Optimize the contents of the translator;
In the previous version of Free Google Desktop Translator, there were many impurities inside the interface. Such as the advertising information and other stuff. Now we remove those  irrelevant content and make Free Google Desktop Translator to be more clean.

3. Fix some bugs.
Just fix some bugs in long passage translating.

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