Easier way for Ping test by IP-MAC scanner

Easier way for Ping test by IP-MAC scanner


Ping test is a very basic operation of network administrators or IT products programmers. It is helpful when you need to launch a network test or troubleshoot for your network.

Experienced administrators can insight into the situations of the network by ping test. There are several ways that can launch a ping test:

The first way I want to introduce is by DOS command:

Windows, UNIX and linux all provide this command.

Take Windows as an example.

  • Search “run” in the start list, Input “cmd” and click “OK”.
  •    run
  • Input command “ping +IP address” and press Enter.ping

Tips: If it does not recognize the “ping” command, you may need to add   “\c:\windows\system32″ in system variables (in advanced system setting and edit the value of “path”).

The second way to launch ping test is using some professional tool like IP-MAC scanner. It is 10 times more convenient and professional than others. You can download from here.

  • Firstly, it takes you within 1 minute to download and install it into your computer.
  • Open it, choose database (you can add any IP or MAC addresses from scan list) and tick the IP you want to ping.
  • scannerFinally click “ping” button.
  • pingresult

IP-MAC sanner is a tool that can be your assistant to help you to manage all the IP in your network. More information in our website:http://www.athtek.com/index.htm.

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