AthTek DigiBand V1.7 Has Been Released. New Interface!

[PDF] September 12, 2013  |  Development Center of AthTek Software
We have released a new version of AthTek DigiBand which has many new features included. All the purchased and trial users are allowed to update to the new version for free. If you were using a free license which ends up with “******431WPD”, please do not install and register the new version with your license on the same computer. Otherwise your license will be expired immediately and you have to buy a new license for continuously using.

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Music Composition Software

What’s New:
* Use the new interface;
We redesigned the interface of AthTek DigiBand, to make it more beautiful and simple for using. The main functions of AthTek DigiBand is automatic music composition and accompaniment. The 6 buttons will guide you to access exactly the panel you need to use.
start page of AthTek DigiBand

* Support to compose music by only one click;
A new function has been included into the new version of AthTek DigiBand: user can make a music composition by only one click without thinking. “I Feel Lucky” will enable you to automatically compose music in seconds.

* Support to improvise an accompaniment to computer keyboard playing;
Some of music lovers spent tens of dollars to buy a virtual piano keyboard program. You don’t need to waste even a penny if you have AthTek DigiBand. Because we have included a virtual keyboard into the software and will let you be able to make an accompaniment to your computer keyboard playing instantly!
virtual keyboard piano for Windows

* Optimize the sound quality;
We have enhanced the sound engine and the audio quality has been improved.

* Add new music genre DJ;
New genre DJ has been added to the new version.
DJ Music Genre

* Support to partly preview and select a new accompaniment;
Click any track in the composition, you would be able to select the range for editing. You can flexibly change any small section of the track to another music style from the list. This would be greatly helpful in writing a medley of songs.
make a medley of songs

* Support to convert the composition to notation;
In the new version of AthTek DigiBand, you would be able to switch numbered/midi notation with one click. You would be able to export or even print the notation directly in the future.
number notation and midi notation

* Support to adjust the volume of each sound track;
You will be able to adjust the volume of left/right channel in each track.
left and right channel

* Support multiple drums.
Thanks to Richard who suggested that it should support a second drum. Now Richard can make Southern Rock songs with double drums.
support multiple drums

If you are looking for a music composition idea generator, intelligent music composer or  easy-to-use music educator, AthTek DigiBand would be exactly the software I highly recommend.

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