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[PDF] May 01, 2013  |  Development Center of AthTek Software
We have released a new software for Windows users – especially musicians. The name of new software is AthTek DigiBand. It can automatically compose music and improvise accompaniments. As an intelligent music software, it costs only less than $50 but you would have a versatile digital band on your computer.

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Automatically compose music

Key Features:
* Automatically compose music:
It can automatically compose music with random settings. The composition will have featured musical emotions, multiple instruments, nice music structure and rich chords together. Even you can add a male or female digital singer to sing the song. All you need to do is to click the Auto Composition button and you will get a complete music with separate tracks. Each track is editable and visible for your preview.
Compose Music

* Improvise an accompaniment to existing music file;
AthTek DigiBand can improvise an accompaniment to existing audio files. You can import audio files in MIDI, VSQX, UST and NN formats. The audio file will be analyzed into visible wave and recognized as keys and chords a solo track. You would be able to choose some instruments for accompaniment. Simply click the Auto composition button and you will improvise an accompaniment to the imported audio file.

* Improvise an accompaniment to your voice;
Just like importing an existing audio file to improvise an accompaniment, you can sing to AthTek DigiBand and improvise an accompaniment to your voice. In Accompaniment Guide, there is a voice recorder. You can record your humming with this voice recorder and make it to be a solo track. Then you would be able to improvise an accompaniment to the solo track as always.
improvise an accompaniment

* Use digital singer in your song;
We have included several digital singers into AthTek DigiBand, both male and female. It is something like Hatsune Miku but not so rich. The digital singer can only pronounce several vocals like a, ba, da, la and na. We absolutely will improve this feature in the future. What we need is only a library of English pronunciations.

* Rich instruments supported;
AthTek DigiBand supports almost all kinds of instruments. With free trial you would be able to use 4 of them. With a full version, you would be able to enjoy all instrument types without limitations.

* Rich music structures supported;
With a free trial version, you can only try 3/8 of the structure types. If you got a full version, you will be able to use 8/8 of the structure types. Also they are all editable as you wish.

* Rich musical emotions integrated;
Select a musical emotions, then the BPM (beat per minute) and chords will be automatically formatted to new style. That’s we AthTek DigiBand be called as intelligent music software.

* Enable improvisation-to-inspiration;
If you are a musician, maybe sometimes you lost in mind to improvise. You should know that AthTek Digiband is an auto composition tool. Improvise compositions randomly, maybe you can get some brilliant ideas from the improvisations.

* Intelligent guides for your quick start;
When you start AthTek DigiBand, you will see the guides of auto composition and auto accompaniment. Steps by steps, you would be able to use AthTek DigiBand much easily than any other music composition software.

* Multiple audio formats supported;
AthTek DigiBand supports to import audio files in MIDI, VSQX, UST and NN formats. It also supports to export compositions as WAVE or MIDI.

* Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Windows 8;

* Less system requirements.
Though it is a professional music software, it doesn’t have rigorous system requirements. It even has no special requirement to sound card device.

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