Remote Control by IP-MAC SCANNER

[PDF] During this period, i am always thinking that monitoring the Local Area Network(LAN) with using IP-MAC SCANNER over without using other IP tools or no use in IP tools. IP-MAC Scanner allows you to scan all the apparatuses connected to the LAN MAC address. And it can also show the host name and work-group name and  be convenient to make you LAN management. The software also allows you to analysis has been scanned by the computer, have a look inside if there is no computer records, in addition, the administrator can also set the automatic scanning, it may be more convenient. In fact, there are a lot of software small functions, you can use slowly.We will display one key classic functions of IP-MAC SCANNER.

  • use those remote control stuff

The so-called remote control, refers to the management personnel through remote computer network remote dial-up or both to access Internet and other means, Unicom need be controlled by a computer, the computer desktop environment that will be charged to your computer, configuration, software installation program, modify the work through the local computer to the remote computer. Remote wake-up (WOL), namely through the local area network to realize the remote boot.

This is a traditional way to monitor server-client computers, in out this situation, we will focus on just the Remote Shutdown service. AthTek  IP – MAC Scanner provides remote control functions for senior user.Click “Tools”, you will be able to use those remote control functions.

And network administrator has another key function to manage users in the LAN, If the IP-MAC binding, as long as the user changes their IP is not on the network, must change back to the original IP can normally access, Therefore, anyone who joins in the LAN will not be able to change his/her IP address.


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