A smart local area Network tool: IP-MAC SCANNER.

If  you were a network administrator, you could be likely vexed with local illegal or boring network  performance, therefore you may try to improve your network performance using windows auto functions without using professional software.

However, with the smart LAN software, you can efficiently control and have a good management of this local area network. And as IP-MAC SCANNER is in Built-in IP Scanner, MAC Scanner, and Ping Tester three components, when you scan is complete the data can be imported or exported. If you make ip-mac binding, as long as the user changes his ip can not get on the net, must be changed back to the original ip before they can access the Internet.

ping test

As using this ping test, you can not have to use Windows ping tool, which brings convenience and time-assuming work. In my mind, this software has another important application is data backup and restore, which can be viewed as this: As a professional and considerate LAN management tool, IP – MAC Scanner also enables to backup and restore the scanning results. It supports to import or export as “.xls” and “.bat” files format. Therefore we can have a good acknowledgement during a period and have a precise decision based on these data.

More details: http://www.athtek.com/ip-mac-scanner.html#.UjZizNJHIpx.

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