Detect, Diagnose and Resolve Network Performance Problems in Holidays

[PDF] Christmas is coming soon! Christmas is the most important festival for business owners. If they provide products or service through a web store, the website will get a great traffic growth during the holidays. Generally, business owners will earn a lot of money in Christmas. But if the website or the intranet crashes in Christmas, you will suffer a great loss in and after Christmas. It is very important that to resolve any network performance problem before outages occur. A good network performance can not only bring considerable income, but also a good impression to your customers. You’d better detect, diagnose and resolve network performance problems before Christmas.

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AthTek NetWalk Enterprise Edition is a comprehensive network monitor which can detect, diagnose and resolve network performance problems safely. It doesn’t like many other network monitor tool, AthTek NetWalk has a graphical interface which is integration of various network monitoring reports. You can find many key items in network management in the interface. All these diagrams are flexible and customizable. With this detailed network traffic report, you can easily know the traffic status of your network. In one word, AthTek NetWalk Enterprise Edition is exactly the software for business owners to detect, diagnose and resolve network performance problems. It will guarantee the income and the brand promotion.

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With AthTek NetWalk Enterprise Edition, you can provide a stable web service to your customers and employees. Besides, we also prepared some Christmas gifts for you. The first Christmas gift is, you can get AthTek NetWalk Enterprise Edition with a $200 OFF price in our holiday deals 2014. It’s our final special offer in 2013. The second Christmas gift is, you can get at least a $40 Amazon gift card in our holiday deals 2014. And as always, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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