How To Limit Peet to Peer File Sharing?

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Peer to peer (P2P) is a great application for sharing files with others. There are many free P2P software such as BitTorrent, eMule and so on. But the question is, if there are many employee using P2P to sharing files in the same office at the same time, the access speed will be pull down. You will feel so hard to open the web pages as well as make a video chat with business partners. More than that, P2P is difficult to monitor that you may lose business secret. That’s why many enterprises limit the port of peer to peer. Fortunately if you are using AthTek NetWalk, you are able to monitor P2P from your LAN, even to limit it.

First you need to install AthTek NetWalk to your network. It will not be too difficult to configure it. view the guide here:

Then you need to set a monitoring rule to the Event Manager. That will enable you to monitor the communication of peer to peer filre sharing. Even you can cut off that communication in the event manager. More actions can be found in the option board. View how to set it here: Limit Peer to Peer File Sharing

After the above steps, you are able to monitor the peer to peer file sharing, even to block it.

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