5 Reasons for Choosing AthTek Skype Recorder Pro Version

[PDF] We provide two versions of AthTek Skype Recorder: pro and lite. Both the two versions are welcome to Skype users. Most of users choose AthTek Skype Recorder pro for call recording and the rest buys AthTek Skype Recorder Lite. This is because the pro version provides a full solution to Skype call recording. The lite version is a simplified version of AthTek Skype Recorder pro. Some users bought lite version at first, but request to upgrade the license as soon as they realize that the lite version can only record Skype call in audio files. They used lite licenses to register AthTek Skype Recorder pro, but the pro version cannot be authorized by a lite license. To make it clear, we list the reasons for choose AthTek Skype Recorder pro version in this article.

1. AthTek Skype Recorder pro supports video call recording, while the lite version doesn’t. The lite version can only record Skype calls as audio files. If you want to record video calls of Skype, please choose AthTek Skype Recorder pro.

2. AthTek Skype Recorder pro supports hidden mode for parental control, while the lite version doesn’t. Many parents want to monitor their kids’ Skype for parental control purpose. If you want to perform parental control on your kids’ computer, please just use AthTek Skype Recorder pro.

3. AthTek Skype Recorder pro supports SFTP Uploader for uploading recordings, while the lite version doesn’t. As an useful program for call centers, AthTek Skype Recorder pro can upload Skype calls to a web server safely and automatically. If you want to use AthTek Skype Recorder for better customer service, we will recommend to have the pro version which supports SFTP for auto uploading.

4. AthTek Skype Recorder pro supports auto answer, while the lite version doesn’t. AthTek Skype Recorder pro can automatically answer specific contacts (in list) like an answer machine. If you want to use an answer machine on your Skype, please have the pro version of AthTek Skype Recorder.
answer machine

5. You won’t waste money if you buy a license for pro version directly. Some users bought license because it is cheaper. But they give up the chance to enjoy better experience in using Skype. If some day they want to upgrade the license from lite to pro, they will have to pay $19 upgrade fee to get a new license. This makes the totally price adds up to $34. If they buy a license for pro version directly, they only need to pay $29.95 and will get the best user experience in Skype call recording.

If you want to know more details about the differences between AthTek Skype Recorder pro and lite version, please view the compare page.

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