How to Rewrite a Song Efficiently with the Same Lyrics

[PDF] Most of us have ever tried to rewrite the lyrics of popular songs. But have you ever tried to rewrite a song with the same lyrics? It’s a reverse work with the same fun. Most people like to rewrite lyrics in a song rather than to rewrite the song with the same lyrics. This is mainly because lyrics rewriting is easier than song rewriting. Even a musician could hardly compose music several times with the same lyrics. We have found a way to do this easily and efficiently. In the following article, you will read how to rewrite a song with the same lyrics.

Step.1 Writes the lyrics of this song. Usually, the lyrics should be funny and catchy. You can just write down your feelings in small paragraphs and make it match 4/4 or 3/4 beat. Read your lyrics silently in mind and make it rhythmed. There are some tips to write the lyrics too. You don’t need to write too much stuff. Simply, meaningful and clean will be good.

Step.2 Open AthTek DigiBand and select [Accompany your humming] at the start page. The program will ask you to record the main melody of your song. Just sing your lyrics to AthTek DigiBand. Please note that you can change the BPM (Beat Per Minute) in your way. If you failed to match the lyrics to the beats, you can try again until everything is OK.

Step.3 Click OK to complete the recording, then you will see the accompaniment panel for you to write a song automatically. You can choose the Key, Scale, Emotion and Genre for your song. When everything is OK, click [Recognize Chord] to generate chords for your song. Then click [Auto Accompaniment] to generate a song automatically.

Step.4 Listen to the song you have just generated. If it was what you want, export the music as midi or wave file to your computer. You can also perform fine adjustment to the music in audio track each.
Music Tracks

Step.5 Redo the above steps to generate different songs with the same lyrics. You have rewritten songs with the same lyrics! Quite easy, isn’t it? Please note that, if the music you created is not so dulcet, you can click the refresh button to generate a new one at once.

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