Create Cool Music for the Hot Summer 2014

[PDF] The hot summer of 2014 is coming, are you ready for that? Maybe you were considering going outside to find a cool place to spend the hot summer. But if you dislike hanging out, how can you make yourself feel cool? Some good cool music will help you to get the temperature down in an acceptable way. In this article, I will introduce how to create original cool music by in several steps on your computer. You will feel cool and have fun with the original music you created! Cool Summer First of all, please just image what will make you feel cool. Generally, a calm lake will make you feel cool. Grand forest will make you feel cool. Clean beach will make you feel cool. Just close your eyes and have that in mind. Have you heard some background music comes from a far away place in your mind? You can just enjoy it. We call that “inspiration”. Now can you remember what the music sounds like? What instruments have been used, piano, guitar or strings? In my experience, piano can produce pure and cool effects in nature. Let’s take piano as the instrument to create cool music on computer. Piano Music Let’s open AthTek DigiBand and select [make an accompaniment] to start. There are 6 options listed on the start screen. [make an accompaniment] will help you to create a pure accompaniment automatically. A pure accompaniment will cater to your hot heart (as main vocal) and cool it down. Generally, sadness, peaceful, memory, loneliness, silence and clean can produce cool effects in music creation. Let’s choose peaceful as the musical emotion in AthTek DigiBand. Usually cool music has a slow beat and BMP (beat per minute), let’s choose 4/4 beat and 80 BMP in this case. You can also choose a new music structure if needed. After these configurations, please press [Auto composition] button to generate the music. Auto accompaniment In the editing screen, please delete any other instruments except for piano, and then it will produce pure piano music as we need. Listen to the music you have just created. If you are not satisfied with it, you can click the refresh button at the beginning of track to change it. If it was cool music you want, you can now export it as .wav or .mid file. music editing Now you have already got the cool music for the hot summer. Download and install AthTek DigiBand now to create your cool music for the hot summer 2014!

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