Special Offer: $200 OFF for AthTek NetWalk Enterprise Edition in 2013!

The previous special offer for our music software – AthTek DigiBand has already expired at the end of May. A new special offer for AthTek NetWalk Enterprise Edition was started on June 01. Anyone who purchased lifetime license of AthTek NetWalk Enterprise Edition in June will save up to $200 from the regular price $499! Only 99 copies of licenses are provided in this special offer. If you are looking for a comprehensive network management tool for your company, AthTek NetWalk Enterprise Edition would be the most valuable choice for your sake.

Buy AthTek NetWalk Enterprise Edition Now with $200 OFF

packet sniffing and analyzing

AthTek NetWalk Enterprise Edition is a comprehensive network management tool for companies. It has a graphics interface which shows the traffic streaming status of your enterprise network. With the excellent packet sniffing and analyzing functions, you are allowed to capture traffic in very large packet and generate the analytics report in seconds. It also supports packet-based, time-based or event based trigger. With the trigger, you would be able to start or stop packet sniffing automatically on AthTek NetWalk Enterprise Edition. Many international enterprises have installed AthTek NetWalk Enterprise Edition for their intelligent network management. Install it now and push your enterprise network management to a high level!

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