AthTek Skype Recorder v6.12 Has Been Released!

[PDF] May 30, 2013  |  Development Center of AthTek Software
We have just released a new version of AthTek Skype Recorder which has many new features included. If you are using any old version of AthTek Skype Recorder, you can upgrade your version for free. You can also use the auto update function to install AthTek Skype Recorder v6.12 to your computer.

Download AthTek Skype Recorder v6.12 for Free

Skype Recorder 6.12

What’s New?
* FaceBook, Twitter and Google Bookmark button added;
We have added some popular social media links to the new AthTek Skype Recorder. You can now use these social media links to share your experiences in using AthTek Skype Recorder. If you want to send a feedback to us, you can also use these social media links including FaceBook, Twitter and Google+.

* Notification content changed;
Previously the content of auto notification would notify the contact that you wanted the Skype call. In the new version, your contact will be asked to answer your call immediately.

* Video call recording quality optimized.
We have optimized the video recording quality. You can now choose to record Skype calls in higher resolution videos.

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