AthTek NetWalk v2.1.26 Has Been Released!

September 5, 2011   Development Center of AthTek Software
AthTek NetWalk has been updated to v2.1.26, for both Enterprise Edition and Free Personal Edition.

Best packet sniffing tool for administrators.

In the new released AthTek NetWalk v2.1.26, we woost the process speed for large trace files. Below is the compare result:

AthTek Netwalk Sniffer WireShark WildPackets OmniPeek ClearSight CommView
Version 2.1.26 Pro 4.7 1.4.3 4.0 7.2 6.1
65.6 MB < 1s 1s 7s 3s 13s 3s
126 MB < 1s 3s 14s 5s 25s 6s
247 MB 2s 6s 28s 11s 50s 12s
501 MB 4s Out of Memory 59s Failed 91s 22s
1003 MB 14s Out of Memory 147s Failed 160s Out of memory
2.14 GB 34s Out of Memory Out of memory Failed 210s Out of memory

Test Environment:
CPU: Core2 Duo 2.2GHz
Memory: 2G
Trace files:
©Captured from real network

Finally AthTek NetWalk got the best speed in the compare game. That is why AthTek NetWalk be called ‘Most Valuable Network Monitoring Software‘. With the complete collection of interactive charts, network administrators can freely track traffic source from any kinds of network.

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  1. IVAN

    where is colasoft capsa enterprise and cascade pilot? btw when i am trying to open 1GB pcap file windows shows blue screen

    • AthTek

      Dear IVAN, send me the log file for examination?
      For Vista or Win7, the file is located in C:\Users\lexu\AppData\Roaming\AthTek NetWalk\log\
      For XP, the file is located in C:\Users\lexu\AppData\AthTek NetWalk\log\
      Then we will know why you happen to a blue screen. Thanks in advance.

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