How to Become a Good Singer — From Nobody to Well-known

[PDF] A good soldier wants to be general, a good singer want to be well-known, it’s our human nature. But most of time, even you have rich singing skills, good voice and have made a great effort, you still be nobody with few audiences. Yes you can make videos on YouTube and FaceBook, but there are thousands of broadcasters there and your videos will be submerged by tens of thousands similar videos in seconds. We are not so talented like Justin Bieber who can issue an album at a very young age. But we still have opportunity to become a good singer from nobody to well-known. In this article, you will read some tips of how to become a good singer and get well-known.

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Tip 1: think about what kind of singer you want to be. Daddy’s girl, wild lady or some else? This will help you to quickly reach your audiences at the beginning.

Tip 2: improve your looking and get a nick name. I have watched some videos, the girl holds a cat all the time when she is singing. Then she was called “kitty miss” and known by thousands of people in a few hours. Maybe you can use a turtle. lol :)

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Tip 3: sing a lot of songs and spread them on YouTube. Original music will be better. If you don’t have someone who can write songs for you, you can do that by yourself. There are many music composition software you can use such as AthTek DigiBand. The software will help you to write songs quickly without thinking. Then you can record your songs and upload them to YouTube. Please note that you’d better add your nick name to the videos (tag/title/description) then people can find you easily.

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Tip 4: introduce your music on FaceBook and Twitter. Like it or not, social media will help a lot in broadcasting. At least, it can help you to communicate with your audiences directly and get some advises.

Tip 5: (optional) learn a foreign language and sing foreign songs. For example you can learn and record a Chinese song then upload the video to Chinese video sites. This will make you be well known by millions of people in China. You can ask the Chinese audience to thumb up your videos on YouTube, then your videos will be recommended to more people.

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Tip 6: create some news about you and advertise. If you can reach the broker from famous record company, you will have the key to become a well-known singer.

Tip 7: good luck. Like it or not, you still need some good luck to success. Sometimes, you only need some good luck. Please have your patience and wait for your good luck!

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