AthTek DigiBand V1.6 Has Been Released!

AthTek DigiBand V1.7

July 1st, 2013  |  Development Center of AthTek Software
[PDF] A new version of AthTek DigiBand has launched! The new version includes many new features for music composition. All the users are allowed to upgrade AthTek DigiBand from old version to the latest V1.6 for free. If it is the first time you know AthTek DigiBand, you can download and try the latest version directly from the below link:

Download AthTek DigiBand V1.6 for Free

Music Tracks

What’s New:
* Support 3/4 and 4/4 beats in music composition;
The new version supports 3/4 and 4/4 rhythm in music composition. Definitely we will add more rhythms in the future.
Choose Rhythm 3/4 4/4

* Add new genres to database;
New genres have been added into AthTek DigiBand. You would be able to use Children or Revolution in Genre.
Music Genre

* Support fine adjustment when editing tracks;
With AthTek DigiBand V1.6, you would be able to partly modify a track. You can edit any bar in the track separately. Click on the icons you would be able to select multiple bars for editing.
Edit Bar

* Support dark interface and highlighted buttons;
Actually you can say that it’s the new interface of AthTek DigiBand. Click on the button on bottom right corner, you would be able to switch the interface to dark or light. Also you probably find that some buttons have been highlighted on the panels of AthTek DigiBand. The highlighted buttons show you those MUST select buttons in using.

Switch Interface 2013-07-10_170827

* Support to modify chords directly on the main panel.
Click on any chord on DigiBand’s panel, you would be able to edit the chord directly. It provides a direct way to edit chords in music tracks.
Edit Chord Directly

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