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Reinstall DirectX EZ

Windows 2008, win 7 and vista are relatively new on the market. Since the version upgrading and function improvement of DirectX, more and more game designers are releasing bigger sized products based on higher DX. This adds up the needs to install DX 11 to improve gaming experience. Reinstall DirectX EZ is a great tool to install DX 11 directly without additional updates on Vista and 2008 computers. The tool also offers suitable Microsoft updates in accordance with your DX version automatically to help install DX 11.

To vista and win 2008 users, download appropriate patches and load them orderly to install DX 11. Either you choose to install DX 11 merely with the embedded data or with official updates, it's recommended you rollback the current DX and then install DX 11 for system stability concern.

How to Install DX 11 to My PC

Prepare to install DX 11
It's dangerous to jump to the decision without careful check. An unstable DirectX would lead to system glitches. Therefore, it's required to do a quick DXdiag first. All DX information will be listed here for confirmation. If your DirectX version isn't the same as mine in the below window, you will need to install DX 11 to your system.
Start to install DX 11
So your DirectX needs some upgrading. But it's securer and better to enhance on the original version that's built with the system. No more hesitation. Take out the system disk and disconnect the network. It won't take you a long time to locate system file for a DX replacement.
Repair DX Errors
Install DX 11
Equipped with the system default DirectX, you can take a relief to install DX 11. Happened to be windows 2008 or vista users? Congratulations, you can upgrade to DX 11 without switching to other tabs! Don't run these two systems? No worries. Go to general tab and get updates from official site and then return to reinstall feature to complete the upgrading. It won't be that complicated.
Install DX 11
Backup DX 11
Nice job! You have just succeeded to install DX 11 and kept your computer to the very edge. If there's a method to extract the past procedures into one, would you have a try? You don't have to take a bold chance because there's zero risk in it! With some spare space and time, the backup file will be created pretty easily.
DX backup
Install DX 11 with backup file
Some DX files are corrupted and you hate to revert and upgrade with several steps? Let's take the royal road and fix DirectX with a simple click! Load up Reinstall DirectX EZ, turn to restore tab, locate the target cab file with DirectX 11 in the name and simply press the button. The magic will be done in a short time.
DX Restore

If you still feel hard to install DX 11 to your PC, please view how to use.


Users' Review

  • Happened to a fatal directx error when playing game on my vista x64 system. Searched for the solutions to directx errors, but found nothing useful to me. Finally I found your reinstall directx ez, and I got all the directx problem solved! What I like it best, your program does not require to reinstall the operating system while the process of reparing directx ---------------- gamer from Great Britain

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