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Reinstall DirectX EZ

It is DirectX that guarantees windows systems to run multimedia applications especially games well. A clean and suitable DirectX is therefore indispensable. It’s a must to restore DirectX if errors occur to it. To restore DirectX so as to clear away various errors, some people suggest reinstalling system, which is slow and troublesome for afterward software setup. Now you can benefit from a magical tool to restore DirectX much more efficiently. Reinstall DirectX EZ facilitates to restore DirectX with the system disk in a minute or two!

Thanks to this innovative tool, users can restore DirectX like experts without time and efforts used for system reinstallation or updates searching. Various functions are supplied to meet all needs to restore DirectX. Activate this powerful DirectX management tool now to enjoy lifetime use!

Complete guide to restore DirectX

Welcome to the lecture How to restore DirectX like an expert! It will take you a few minutes to master the skills in DirectX management. Still the skills you are about to learn can benefit you a lot.
First, an expert would check the DirectX situation with DXdiag/DXdiag X64 on 32-bit/64-bit systems. Reinstall DirectX EZ integrates these tools in its general interface and is kind enough to add an extra automatic update searching and listing feature. You can easily find the new updates suitable to your system here.
DX Diag
Remove DirectX Errors
Diagnosis confirms the cause of game errors. We do need to restore DirectX to fix the problems. The most secure way will be introduced to you. Go to repair tab, cut off your network, insert your system disk and press next to locate the DXsetup.exe file. Then take a small break before Reinstall DirectX EZ rolls your DirectX back to default status embedded in system.
Remove DirectX errors
Reinstall DirectX
A clean DirectX is just not enough. To meet the needs of some relatively new applications, it’s recommended to update DirectX after the rollback to restore DirectX. Here Reinstall DirectX EZ provides embedded update data for windows 2008 and vista users. To the rest system users, you may find suitable updates from general interface as we mentioned before.
Reinstall DirectX
backup DirectX
Nice work! We have a clean and updated DirectX now! Do you think this is the only way to restore DirectX? Of course not! Here’s an advanced step for you to master. Use the backup feature to preserve all the dll files altogether for future fast retrieval. You just need some extra space and time to complete this move.
DirectX backup
Restore DirectX
Next time when you face another DirectX error, there’s a quick method to restore DirectX. Load up the tool and backup file, and all the dll data will be replaced with the backed up one. In this sense, if you have backup file of different DirectX version, you can achieve pretty fast version switch to meet various game requirements!
Restore DirectX

If you still feel hard to restore DirectX, please view how to use.


Users' Review

  • Happened to a fatal directx error when playing game on my vista x64 system. Searched for the solutions to directx errors, but found nothing useful to me. Finally I found your reinstall directx ez, and I got all the directx problem solved! What I like it best, your program does not require to reinstall the operating system while the process of reparing directx ---------------- gamer from Great Britain

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